Shree Building Chemicals

Product & Services
Our multitude of services include :

Chemical Based Waterproof Coatings
Membrane Based Waterproof Services
Industrial Floor Coatings
Heat Reflecting Coatings
Protective Coatings
JExpanso Joint Sealants
Crack Filling Sealants
injection Grout & Strengthening Grouts
Concrete Repair Works
Pest Control Services
Mould releasing & Plugging Agents

Some of the common features of our services include :

Resistance to weather
Resistant to roots and fungus
Fast & easy application
Excellent bonding

Our wide range of services such as industrial floor coating services, heat reflecting coating services, etc, finds their applications in all most all the areas which are related to building services and maintenance. Some of the areas include:

Paper mills
Schools & universities

"Shree Building Chemicals is always meets my needs for a quick turn around service. If I call or fax an order over, I receive a response immediately that meets my needs. My orders ship the same day. I can always rely on it to get the job done for me. I am completely satisfied with your service." ..
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